Simi Valley

 The Mellow Lane site in the Southwest end of the valley, where the 146.805 MHz and 445.580 MHZ repeaters are located. 

 The Simi Valley PD building at the corner of Tapo Canyon Road & Alamo Street where the 224.060 MHis located.

K6ERN 146.205 146.805 100.0

Very good coverage of all but the Southeast end of the valley

K6ERN 440.580 445.580 100 Linked to 146.805 unless unlinked for special usage
K6ERN 222.460 224.060 127.3 Very good coverage of all the valley except the
Wood Ranch area.

Coverage map for the 146.805 MHz repeaters
The repeaters is LOW LEVEL and intended to ONLY cover Simi Valley
ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of about 24.0 watts

Definition of Coverage Map Colors
Red & Orange = HT Coverage
Yellow = Good Mobile Coverage
Green = Marginal Coverage
Blues = NO Coverage